Arts & Humanities

Akfa University School of Arts & Humanities is a newly established school with a vision to become one of the top-ranking educational institutions in Central Asia and later in the World for its excellence and high quality in academia.

Our school basis on integrity, justice, advancement, academic excellence, and professionalism in all its endeavors. Building great culture, promoting educational equity, cultivating healthy and strong relationships and collaboration, striving for success in teaching and learning – all are engraved core principles of our school. Our principles allow us to prevail over other educational institutions in so many ways.

AU School of Arts & Humanities has formed a faculty consisting of well-qualified, dedicated teacher professionals who are ready to provide legitimate knowledge, facilitate needed support, and create a dynamic learning environment for all learners. The professors are certified educators who come with extensive teaching experience in the fields of Language teaching and Learning, Applied Linguistics, English Language, teacher training, and administrational education.

It is our hope that our School of Arts & Humanities will be a place to thrive and flourish for all who want to pursue a career in teaching, language learning, linguistics, and research in education. In the near future, Akfa University School of Arts & Humanities is planning to offer a range of research-based postgraduate programs in Master of Arts, Master of Education, Ph.D., and EdD within an educational context. Furthermore, we plan to develop certificate programs in teacher training and curriculum development.

We welcome you all to Akfa University of School of Arts & Humanities!

Munisa Muhtarova

Dean of AU  Arts & Humanities

English Education

The program of English language Department is for people, who want to become English language teachers and upbringing next generation of specialists.

The English language Department is a three-year program. This program has two semesters every academic year and there are total 6 semesters. Education at the university is conducted in English. The graduates will receive a diploma.


The primary mission of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication is to educate students to think critically and skeptically; gather a wide range of information accurately, honestly, and fairly; hold institutions, individuals, and themselves accountable for their promises and their deeds.

To equip students with the knowledge and essentials skills required for working in various media organizations with different mass communication apparatuses and varied audiences need.