The Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit presented to AU students

About 15 girls from Uzbekistan will receive a chance to take part in the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit, which will be held in Warsaw, Poland, on 7-8 June 2022.

Two-day summit will be held on offline and online mode. The summit expands knowledge, skills and networking of the participants. The summit will be attended by representatives of the leading companies such as Intel, Cisco, UBS, Amazon, Goldman Sachs and others.

Joanna Maraszek, Sustainability Officer of the summit, paid a visit to AKFA University to present the summit to female students of the university.

Joanna Maraszek, presenting the summit, noted that 15 girls of Uzbekistan will receive chance to participate in the summit for free. The organizers will provide them scholarships to cover flight tickets, accommodation and meals.

At the same time, girls, who did not receive scholarships, can participate in the event, if they are ready to cover their costs themselves. It should be noted that the event is open mainly to girls, who study in technical programs.