Orthodontist Kirill Kim gives lecture to AU students

AKFA University in cooperation with Anatomica magazine organized a lecture of one of the top orthodontists of Uzbekistan Kirill Kim for students.

Kirill Kim studied in Uzbekistan and South Korea and has experience in teaching in South Korea. He also took part in training in Spain. He is a senior orthodontist at Smile Concept clinics in Tashkent.

During the lecture, Kirill Kim shared his path from student to one of the top doctors in Uzbekistan. He also shared the main role of orthodontist in dentistry, how to become orthodontist and difficulties of the profession.

He also gave information on the ways of selection of the orthodontist and his goals, which he plans to achieve. The students also get knowledge on how to become successful doctors.

Kirill Kim answered to the questions of the students.