AU SAH English Education Faculty team takes part in Advance - HE and British Council Programme for Higher Education Institutes. 

AU School of Arts and Humanities English Department Faculty members at the head of Dean Munisa Muhtarova have successfully completed the Change Academy program of intensive capacity building for Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) moving towards financial, academic, and organizational autonomy focusing on Quality in Learning, Teaching and Graduate Outcomes. The Change Academy is part of a broader British Council Going Global Partnerships Programme, which is run in Uzbekistan in collaboration with the Ministry of higher secondary and specialized Education (MHSSE) and delivered by the British Council and Advance-HE ( 

In the course of the six months programme, the project coordinator prof. Maftuna Artikova, alongside other team members - professors Abuova J., Uralva N., and Kadirova H., worked on an assessment project, the scope of which included all elements of authentic assessment, its development, and application that focuses on assessing the learners' practical knowledge and skill sets that are essential for future language teachers. 

Akfa University is proud of the AU Change Academy Team for well representing the university and for being recognized and awarded for the best project presentation among 12 other participating universities across the country.