Winners of ACM NewYear23 Contest announced

AU University Programming Championship ends with the bright New Year Programming Contest.

In Fall Semester 2022, AU has launched the University Championship on Competitive Programming. Students and university staff could participate in the weekly rounds of the championship. Competitive programming is an intellectual sport where contestants code computer programs to solve algorithmic problems. It fosters collaboration, creativity, innovation, and the ability to perform under pressure amongst its contestants.

On 24 December, AU organized the ACM New Year23 Programming Contest to celebrate the end of the University Championship. The contest gathered the best teams of Uzbekistan*, students, professionals, and enthusiasts, and served as a platform for further collaboration.

The best participants of the championship and contest participants were awarded Apple iPad and Kechchron Keyboards.

See the details of the AU programming championship here:

*All the winners of the ICPC Uzbekistan Championship 2022 have participated in ACM New Year 23 Contest.