Students of English Education Department undergo internship, receive positive feedbacks

The sophomore students of the English Education Department of AU underwent an internship at the public schools of Mirzo Ulugbek district of Tashkent city on 24-29 October 2022.

Internship of AU students took place in public schools #64, 112, 205, 222, 223 and others.

Dean of AU Art and Humanities School Munisa Muhtarova said: “We are grateful to these 12 schools for hosting our students and taking them under their wings. Interns helped lead teachers in performing a variety of instructional and classroom management supports. Through this experience, our students were able to gain exposure to the authentic classroom and have the opportunity to develop and apply the skills, theories, and concepts learned in their English language teaching courses.”

Here are some of the wonderful things the school teachers had to say about our students.

English teacher of public school #112 Umida commented: “AU students are very entertaining and they love working on themselves. I liked the tasks they prepared, our school pupils were happy with them too. I was glad to have worked with all of the students.”

Aziza Yuldasheva, the teacher of school #64, said: “The students of AU are very intelligent and knowledgeable. They are super enthusiastic hard working individuals who love to challenge themselves. I was very interested in the tasks they prepared for us, and other teachers were amazed by their work too. I could spend time with all of the AU interns and observed them at work and I was very fond of them.”

“The students of AU were very intelligent and knowledgeable. The students are very enterprising, hard workers, and love to challenge themselves. I was very interested in the tasks they prepared for us, also our school students were very amazed by their work too. I made time with each one of the students and their participation and I was very fond of it,” methodology specialist of school #112 Aziza Nigmatullayeva said.