Results of interview stage of AU Motivation Letter Contest

Dear Participants of the AU Motivation Letter Contest,

On 3 June, AU hosted the interview stage of the Motivation Letter Contest. Thirty two applicants out of sixty two were advanced to the interview stage.

Twenty seven participants took part in the interview stage of the contest.

Participants have been interviewed fairly and evaluated based on a particular assessment rubric by the University Professors, Dean and the Admission Office.

According to the result of interviews, twenty one participants got scores more than 70%, and now they are advanced to the final stage of the contest in order to identify the winner of a contest for each department in the public voting.

Thus, all interviews listed with links below are posted for public voting (June 5 – June 11, 2022) on AU YouTube channel.

According to the selected faculty, the candidate who will get the majority of votes will be awarded a Full Scholarship for the first semester!

The final result of a contest will be announced on June 12, 2022.

*Please note that the scores for motivation letter and interview are mainly taken into account for the winner selection!

Otabekov Diyorbek (EE):

Laylo Kahramanova (MS):

Madinabonu Mirsaidova (DS):

Khadicha Saydmuradova (MS):

Mukhammadali Turgunbayev (A&D):

Laylo Babahanova (DS):

Marjona Usmonova (A&D):

Umida Ibragimova (DS):

Rakhshona Makhkamova (A&D):

Gulimokh Juraeva (A&D):

Laylo Tursunmurodova (DS):

Irodakhon Tulanova (MS):

Mehroj Makhmudjonov (MS):

Kumush Khaitkulieva (Law):

Asilkhon Abbasov (A&F):

Jarmakhan Yuldashev (IB):

Mokhinbonu Ravshanbekova (EE):

Shokhjakhon Jabborov (EE):

Muhammadali Shodmonov (EE):

Khadichakhon Nurakhmedova:

Sevinch Bobomurodova (A&F):