AU Professor, Dr. Niladri Maiti holds event on laser use in dentistry in Cambodia

Deputy dean of the School of Medicine of AU, Dr. Niladri Maiti held a lecture and workshop on use of laser in dentistry in the University of Puthisastra, Cambodia.

The event “Integration of laser in dentistry” was held during summer holiday period and in the name of Akfa University.

Dr. Niladri Maiti is an international expert in the field of lasers, and during the course the participants gained knowledge of the various laser types and how they can be used in dentistry.

The course included laser fiber activation (to facilitate orthodontic tooth movement), cavity preparation, gingivectomy, frenectomy, biopsy and endodontic procedures.

The event participants were able to practice using the laser on animal jaws. Participants included several of dentists of the University of Puthisastra, who will now be able to use our own laser more confidently in the UP Dental Hospital.