Professor of AKFA University and his colleagues receive a patent from the Government of Australia

Professor of AKFA University Dr. Niladri Maiti in cooperation with his other colleagues from Indian educational institutions received an innovation patent from the Government of Australia for a single point wearable device for isolation of patients, having infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

This invention exposure by and large diagnoses with identifying cytokine storm in a patient, and especially, to a mark-free electrochemical way to deal with recognizes COVID-19 contamination status of a patient by recording and investigating electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) of a blood serum test of the patient. In this, a viral infection brings about the infection COVID 19. In certain nations, the infection has totally overtaken the clinical system.

The indications of this disease range from asymptomatic to extreme. In its serious structure COVID 19 outcomes in intense respiratory pain that might advance to death from hypoxemic respiratory disappointment.

By establishing a Geo-Fence around the COVID-19 Active and Suspected Cases, this system seeks to ensure human safety while also providing the ability to launch a search and rescue operation in the unlikely event of an attempted elopement.

The device will notify the responsible people in authority about the location data of the patients/candidates, specifically those under quarantine, and will sound an alarm if they leave the target area, all through the use of an application developed for the smartphone and delivered to them.