At AKFA University, we believe that each one of us has the power to contribute to our country's development. Whether it's creating new products, making groundbreaking scientific discoveries, achieving sports milestones, or engaging in public activities, we provide the opportunities and resources to make it happen. 

AU is committed to being a student-centered University. Our educational philosophy is to fully train our students equipped with the qualifications and the ability to develop themselves. Furthermore, it is our goal to ensure that our graduates are research-oriented, dynamic, and ready to compete in the world of their profession.

Kamran Gulamov

President of AKFA University

Our mission, commitment & values

AKFA University brings together all levels of education and offers innovative training to its students. Our core mission is to train the next generation of doctors, teachers, lawyers, journalists, engineers, scientists, and architects. Our cutting-edge programs are adapted to the challenges of our time.

AKFA University is committed to creating necessary conditions for studying future leaders and research to introduce innovation to our lives. We do believe that quality education can transform the country into success.

We are proud of high-quality Academic Programs

AKFA University is one of the most rapidly developing universities in the country. The University brings together a wide range of departments and develops interdisciplinary programs in science, medicine, and engineering.

Our partners

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