Dr. Gyo Jun, PhD

Professor & Project Manager

Department: Dental School

Office: 351, Avicenna Hall

Email: g.jun[at]akfauniversity.org



  • PhD in Biochemistry (Sep 1986 – Mar 1993) – UCLA, CA, U.S.A.

  • Dissertation: Structural studies on glutamine synthetase complexed with its transition state analog Advisor: Prof. David Eisenberg

  • MS in Biochemistry (Mar 1984 – Feb 1986) – Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

  • BS in Chemistry (Mar 1976 – Feb1984) – Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


  • Professor (Apr 2010 – present), Gachon University School of Medicine

  • Associate professor (Apr 2001 – Mar 2010) at the same college

  • Assistant professor (Mar 1998 – Mar 2001) at the same college

  • Research Fellow (Sep 1996 – Feb 1998), Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology

  • Postdoctoral research fellow (Jun 1992 – Jul 1996), Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, U.S.A.

  • Research Assistant (Sep 1989 – May 1992), Dept of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA

  • Teaching Assistant (Sep 1988 – May 1989), at the same college

  • Teaching Assistant (Mar 1984 – Feb 1985), Dept of Chemistry, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


  • Dean of Academic Affairs (2008-2010), Graduate Program of Gachon University School of Medicine

  • Dean of Academic Affairs (1999-2002), Premedical Program at the same college


  • Member of Scholarship Committee (2004-2007), Gachon University School of Medicine

  • Member of Admission Auditing Committee (2007-2008), at the same college

  • Member of the Preparation Committee for the Medical School Accreditation (2009-2010), at the same college

  • Participated in the Workshop for Problem-Based Learning, and functioned as an instructor for PBL classes

  • Participated in the Workshop for Team-Based Learning, and incorporated TBL in Biochemistry classes


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Honors and Awards

  • Received Best Teacher Award in Basic Medical Sciences, Gachon Medical School (Feb 2004) Obtained Korean Government Scholarship (Sep 1986 – Aug 1989)

  • Military service as a member of the Presidential Force for the late President Park Chung-hee (Nov 1977 – May 1980)