Dr.Nithin Kumar

Assistant Professor

Department: Dental School

Office: 255, Avicenna Hall

Email: nithin.kumar[at]akfauniversity.org


  • Assistant Professor

Akfa University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

August 2022 - Present

  • Lecturer & Head of Oral & Maxillofacial surgery clinics,

Faculty of Dentistry,

Tishk International University (TIU)

2018 - 2022

  • Reader/ Associate Professor,

Rama Dental college & Hospital,


  • Senior Lecturer, KMCT Dental College & Hospital,

Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS)

2013 - 2018

  • Master of Dental Surgery (MDS)

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

Bangalore, India

2010 - 2013

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

Bangalore, India

2002 - 2007

Research & Interests

  • Ongoing PhD in Dental sciences under Shri Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University, India

  • Ungoing Research in Orthognathic Surgery


  • Oral Surgery, oral & maxillofacial surgery, periodontology, Implantology - Tishk International University, 2018-2022

  • Anatomy for Dentistry , Dental Radiology , Dental Anesthesia - KMCT Dental College, Kerala, India 2013- 2018


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Conference & Scientific Presentations

  • How well do you know OMFS as a dental specialty?, National Conference of Oral Sciences, Erbil/ Iraq – 2022

  • Septicemia as a Post-Surgical Complication In Maxillofacial Trauma, 4th International Conference of Oral Sciences, Tishk International University, Erbil/ Iraq – 2019

  • Oronasal Communication Associated with Extensive Palatal Necrosis After A Traumatic Extraction – A Case Report, International Dental Conference, Al Noor University college, Erbil/ Iraq – 2019

  • A large residual cyst associated with mandible: A case report and literature review, 2nd Duhok International Dental conference, Duhok/ Iraq – 2019

  • Airway Management in TMJ Ankylosis, 15th Mid Term Conference And 2nd Post Graduate Convention, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu - 2011

Training Certification

  • Multi-modality Dental Teaching Philosophies

  • Quality Assurance in University Dental Hospital

  • Art of Facial Prosthetics