Nodira Rakhimkhodjaeva

Senior Lecturer

Department: Business

Office: 251, Avicenna Hall

Email: n.rakhimkhojaeva[at]


  • Senior Lecturer of Accounting, Akfa University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

September 2022 - Present

Research Interests

  • Bank management, Finance, Financial accounting, Management accounting, International Financial Reporting Standards, Corporate Finance, Financial markets and Institutions, Money, Banking and Finance.


  • Introduction to Accounting and Finance - AKFA University, Fall 2022

  • Financial Accounting 2 AKFA University, Fall 2022


  • «Понятие реструктуризации коммерческих банков» MDIST Scientific Digest 2nd Edition, 2019

  • «Проблемы и перспективы сближения МСФО с национальными бухгалтерскими стандартами в Узбекистане» MDIST Scientific Digest 1st Edition, 2018

  • «Жанубий Кореяда банк инкирози ва банк секторини таркиблаштириш хусусиятлари». Журнал «Иктисодиет ва таълим» Ташкент. 2006

  • “Реструктуризация коммерческих банков и повышение их роли в инвестиционных процессах”. Журнал «Экономика и класс собственников» Ташкент. 2005

  • “Commercial Banks’ Privatization and Creation of Private Banks in Uzbekistan as the Necessity Factor to Restructure the Banking System” Allied Academies, (USA); Distinguished Research Award on paper. 2003

Conferences and Scientific Visits:

1.Co-author of the paper “Mis-selling of bank products and its influence on the competition of the finance industry” presented at the Conference organized by the Antimonopoly Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan. December 13, 2021

2. Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences International Symposium on Public Finance Tekirdağ/TURKEY May 24-25, 2021

The paper presented “The role of foreign banks in restructuring commercial banks in Uzbekistan”

3. Allied Academies - International conference in Las Vegas October 2-6, 2002.

The paper presented at this conference “Restructuring Commercial Banks in Uzbekistan” was published an official journal of the Allied Academies, Volume 2, 2003.

4. Mutual work with James B. Bexley – endowed chair of Banking at Sam Houston State University on “Commercial Banks Privatization and Creation of Private Banks in Uzbekistan as the Necessary Factor to Restructure the Banking System”. The paper was presented at a Spring International Conference with the Allied Academies on April 9-12, 2003 in Tunica, Mississippi, where the article received a Distinguished Research Award.

Scientific visits

Visiting scholar at Sam Houston State University (2002 - 2003)

Individual Awards

State Awards:

  • 2020 The Presidential Award “Shukhrat Medal”

State award devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan (2017)