AU Business School

On behalf of our faculty, staff and students, welcome to Akfa Business School!

As Dean of Akfa Business School (ABS), I’m proud of our tradition of providing practical, case-based business education that our school has adopted modelled after Harvard Business School (HBS). Programs at ABS prepare our students to become leading business executives and successful entrepreneurs.

Our beautiful and modern campus features state of the art R&D facilities and labs that offer unique opportunities for ABS students to launch and scale their own ventures in different fields. In addition to getting world-class education, ABS students continuously engage with executives of global and local businesses, entrepreneurs as well as scholars from world’s leading universities which helps them enrich their professional network.

Central to the success of our students at Akfa Business School is the rich experience of our professors from world’s leading universities including Harvard University (US), University of Cambridge (UK), Cornell University (US), Yeungnam University (South Korea), Inha University (South Korea), DongHua University (China), Cologne Business School (Germany), Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Japan) as well as companies such as Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, T-Mobile, Apple, etc.

I would like to cordially invite all of you who are interested in expanding your knowledge and enriching your careers to explore our school further either through ABS’s online presence or by visiting our campus.

Dr. Odiljon Abdurazzakov,

Dean of AU Business School.

Dr. Odiljon Abdurazzakov, PhD

Dean of AU Business School

Department: Business

Office: 354, Avicenna Hall

Email: o.abdurazzakov[at]

Dr.Mansur Kamalov

Lecturer and Associate Professor

Department: Law

Office: 266, Avicenna Hall

Email: m.kamalov[at]

Dr. Alisher Dedahanov, PhD


Department: Business

Office: 355, Avicenna Hall

Email: a.dedahanov[at]

Dr. Shoirahon Odilova


Department: Business

Office: 348, Avicenna Hall

Email: sh.odilova[at]

Dr. Valijon Turakulov, PhD


Department: Business

Office: 347, Avicenna Hall

Email: v.turakulov[at]

Dr. Adham Khudaykulov


Department: Business

Office: 342, Avicenna Hall

Email: a.khudaykulov[at]

Dr. Azizbek Marakhimov

Assistant Professor

Department: Business

Office: 346, Avicenna Hall

Email: a.marakhimov[at]

Bobir Odilov, MBA

Senior Lecturer and Academic Advisor

Department: Business

Office: 335, Avicenna Hall

Email: bobiod[at]

Dr. Sardor Azam


Department: Business

Office: 337, Avicenna Hall

Email: s.azam[at]

Sherzodbek Safarov

Senior Lecturer

Department: Business

Office: 388, Avicenna Hall

Email: s.safarov[at]