Sojida Shirinova


Department: Arts & Humanities

Office: 257, Avicenna Hall

Email: s.shirinova[at]


  • Lecturer

Akfa University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

August 2022 - Present

  • English Teacher

Presidential School, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

November 2021 - August 2022

  • English Teacher

Jensen Education, Stockholm, Sweden

August 2020 - November 2021

  • English Teacher

Humly Education, Lund, Sweden

March 2018 - August 2020

  • Master of Arts in Upper Secondary Education

Lund University, Lund, Sweden

August 2015 - June 2020

Research Interests

  • Oral corrective feedback and its efficiency.

  • Literary-based program and its effects on language learning.


  • Introduction to Academic Writing 1 - AKFA University, Fall 2022.

  • Academic Writing 1 - AKFA University, Fall 2022.

Conferences, Workshops, and Scientific visits

  • Academy Days at Jensen Education (Conference), Stockholm, 2021.

  • Scientific Visit to Tyresö with Jensen Education, Stockholm, 2021.

  • Academy Days at Jensen Education (Conference), Stockholm, 2020.

  • Scientific Visit to Erken with Jensen Education, Stockholm, 2020.

  • Assessment Rubrics with Johan Alm (Workshop), Kävlinge, 2018.


  • AU Book Club, a literary - based program for AU students to encourage an interest in reading by meeting once a month to discuss an assigned book. This is a unique opportunity for AU students to meet other AU students from different faculties and enhance their speaking, listening as well as their reading skills.

  • ErtakTime x Book Club, a literacy program for all ages where the goal is to spark an interest and kindle a love for reading through booktalk. By creating an environment for the members to share their thoughts and experience in the English language, not only will they improve their speaking and listening skills, but also their critical thinking skills.

Individual Awards

  • Certificate of Completing a 3-day Professional Development Training Program on Approaches to Learning and Assessment, AKFA University, Fall 2022.

  • Certificate of Recognition, Presidential School, Spring 2022.

  • Certificate of Completing an Advanced Course for English Language Teachers from Creativity and Specialized Schools in Uzbekistan, Nottingham Trent University, Spring 2022.